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Unlock Homeownership and Secure the Best Mortgage Rates with good credit

Having good credit is the difference between being boxed in and having options! It has never been more important to maintain good credit. From home purchases to buying a car, bad credit can interfere with your efforts to move forward in life. It can even hinder your job prospects. Having good credit can significantly impact your ability to seize great opportunities.

In my field, credit is of utmost importance. I’ve helped many clients and community youth build and maintain their credit scores. As a mortgage broker, my primary focus is on homeownership; however, clients have discovered that maintaining good credit also opens doors to other financial opportunities. Here are some tips on maintaining your credit:

  • Keep your credit balances below 30%.
  • You have to use it to build it! (utilization is extremely important)
  • Avoid closing your credit card accounts, especially if they have a good credit history, as this can affect your ability to secure the best mortgage rates if you do not have good credit

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